DCTDAO will be the first Quantum Proof Cross-Chain DEX, including Polkadot, Moonbeam and more.

DEOR will be providing oracle support for their future exchange and use DEOR’s flash loan bot to test all future pools on the DCTDAO Dex for exploits, whereby identifying the attack vectors before they can be exploited. DEOR will also be adding liquidity and listing on DCTDAO when the exchange goes live.


Let’s take a look at flash loan attacks and how DEOR protects against them

Flash loan attacks have been one of the worst attacks DeFi platforms could experience and many platforms have lost a significant amount of assets from these attacks.

What is a flash loan?

A flash loan is a loan that’s given to an individual or entity that is completely uncollateralized, meaning there is no backing for this loan. A flash loan consists of three major steps. In step one, the loan is taken, in step two that loan is used and in step three, the loan is paid back. …

What is a smart contract?

A smart contract acts as a digital, objective third party that completes a task upon the completion of a set of conditions. To phrase another way, a smart contract is a hard coded program that upon the completion of conditional statements, executes pre-defined clauses. A smart contract is typically used to store some sort of information on the blockchain. The advantage of a contract stored on the blockchain instead of in a centralized fashion (i.e. handled by a company with servers like GoFundMe, or even a physical third party like a bookie or lawyer) is that a smart contract is…

We are happy to announce the partnership between Strudel and Nerd DAO with DEOR we will providing oracle protection for the Strudel and Nerd Dao. As well we will supply Deor token to the Nerd Dao treasury for liquidity mining on the Nerd-Eth Pair. As well we will be providing Deor tokens for the nerd colony program where coders and participants in the Nerd community are rewarded for completing tasks through grants members of Deor team will be added to the multisig for the Deor based grants. We are extremely excited to be assisting in the protection of Strudel giving…

Deor is happy to announce a strategic partnership with the team behind Penguinswap we will be providing audits for Penguinswap contracts for their newly developing projects and implementing our technology on their future projects. As well as setting up a Deor-Fish liquidity mining contract which will be audited by Vidar the mining contracts will be tested against flashloan attacks as well any future mining pools on Penguinswap.
We are happy to establish our first partnership with a decentralized exchange that champions the ideas of governance and supports the idea of fair distribution of tokens through liquidity mining and giving the community members the greatest chance to obtain tokens and participate in fair governance.
We at Deor say thank you to the team at Penguinswap for this opportunity and we are excited to get mining!



Today we will take a look at DEOR and how it offers a decentralized solution to the oracle problem.

What is DEOR?

DEOR is a decentralized oracle system that aggregates data from multiple oracles to ensure that the information provided to a smart contract is correct in a completely trustless fashion.

DEOR is actually the very first project to solve the oracle problem, allowing smart contracts to safely get correct real world information.

What is the oracle problem?

A blockchain is composed of individual blocks that contain transactional information. Let’s say wallet A transfers an asset to wallet B, so…

DecentralizedOracle - DEOR

DEOR is a fully decentralized oracle network with a randomizer, reputation and security monitoring systems — stuff@deor.iohttps://twitter.com/deor_io

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